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Is it too weird that three days before my computer crashed I had written in my journal “The computer is eating my brain!” ? I was reflecting how I had spent too many unproductive hours before the brainbox. I hourly checked and instantly responded to email (false urgency is the mainstay of the internet), with much time wasted in struggling to redesign my website.  When I finally admitted defeat, in about 90 minutes the extraordinarily talented Zida Borcich of Studio-Z.com sat with me and built an elegant site. (Soon to be revealed.)

My journal entry expressed the frustration caused by obsessed, rather than creative, attention, an absence of engaged focus. And then my computer’s motherboard gave a warning, and died. I unplugged it and put it in my car for the night, ready to go to the “vet” and be fixed, now to be replaced. Suddenly, it was rather quiet, like when the power goes out and you notice the absence of the fridge, etc.

I felt no real panic, more stunned. I had backed up,  mostly, but recalled how I had been thinking of subscribing to Carbonite (on-line file). Operative word “thinking” will be changed to “subscribing” in two weeks when my new computer arrives. I wish I had done it before…. 

And this brings me back to the topic of wishes–conscious and subconscious–which may be explored in further detail on a future blog.


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