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Some days are harder than others. Today seems to be one of those, for me: no energy, not wanting to jump on my planned tasks. One curse of being a therapist is my tendency is to look for reasons. And so I reviewed some of my recent decisions and actions, and non-actions, and found myself looking at the questionnaire I wrote a while back: “Are You Addicted to Ambivalence?” I posted it for your own exploration.

My answers revealed that I am feeling uncertain about a couple of recent smallish decisions. And that began to rumble deeper indecision and self-doubt in general.  I am viewing my whole life through the small window of the past week. NOT A GOOD IDEA. For today, I’ll take my best advice and lower expectations and toss my to-do list, slow waaaaay, down, and simply be deliberately kind to myself and those I encounter. And that is a decision I can feel good about.


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